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Shared Planning & Success

Collaboration at the foundation is not only encouraged, it is ingrained in all that we do. Decisions that impact the future of the organization—even ones as large as the formulation of the strategic plan—are planned by cross-functional, multi-level groups. Working at the foundation means that you’ll have a voice, learn from others, and be a stakeholder in decisions that improve outcomes.

If you are a fundraiser at the foundation who identifies a donor in your portfolio with a higher capacity for giving than your assigned level, run with it! Fundraisers are encouraged to work together with their strategic partners to share knowledge about prospects on other levels, but won’t lose donor ownership. Your success is the foundation’s success.

Professional Growth

You have aspirations for your career. We can help you realize them. The foundation’s proprietary training and professional development program, Compass, is designed to support and promote employee growth. From helping establish clear goals to organizing over 40 engaging educational sessions led by fellow colleagues and industry experts, Compass sets the stage for career satisfaction and success.

Goal Setting

We are a metrics-based organization that believes in promoting from within. To support that belief, we work with our employees to set actionable, measurable goals each year to help them excel in their roles. These goals are meant to guide workflow and are directly tied to the foundation’s strategic plan. We check in frequently, communicate openly, and encourage continual updates to facilitate success.


Our commitment to professional growth is evident in our roster of 40+ year-round classes, including training and cross-functional learning opportunities. Classes are taught by colleagues who are experts in their fields, as well as by external industry experts and thought leaders who join us at the foundation to share their knowledge.

Career Counseling

The foundation supports career exploration and advancement by offering all employees a complimentary career counseling session and follow-up meetings with the head of talent management. Use the time to discuss your experiences, learn about opportunities in other functional areas, review your resume, and assess your skills.

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Work-Life Integration

We understand that you have responsibilities both inside and outside of the office. The foundation offers a flexible work policy that aims to balance the demands of work with the realities of your life. As part of a new initiative, employees can elect to develop a regular, predictable telecommuting schedule by leveraging technological resources available to them.

Our Summer Fridays program allows employees to earn up to seven Fridays off during the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day). Spend them at the beach, with friends and family, catching up on your favorite shows, or however else you choose to relax. You work hard all year, so enjoy a few extra sunny days to reward yourself.

Commitment to Diversity

When it comes to our own recruitment efforts, the foundation employs an in-house firm that prioritizes diversity, and launched the “Futures in Advancement” internship program, an intensive, structured, and hands-on professional experience that prepares a diverse cohort of students for a position in fundraising and alumni relations. In return, foundation employees have the opportunity to mentor “Futures” interns to help them develop an understanding of the field.

Our Guiding Principles

Common Goals: We agree on our common direction and continually work toward our common goals.

Accountability: We understand that high performance occurs only when there is accountability. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals and driving overall foundation performance.

The Greater Good: We put the good of the university ahead of the good of the foundation and the good of the foundation ahead of our own area of responsibility. We put the good of our team ahead of our individual good.

Openness & Honesty: We are transparent in our interactions with each other. We strive for open and honest conversations in our communications as a foundation as well as in our individual communications.

Trust: We trust and support each other. We do not triangulate our issues with others. If trust is broken, we address it directly with our team members so that trust may be rebuilt.

Constructive Disagreement: We see disagreement as a constructive path to new idea and new ways of doing things; we offer different perspectives to solves our toughest problems. We provide criticism aimed at the issue or opportunity and not at the team member.


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